LSU Tigers Football: Les Miles Tells Michigan Wolverines No Thank You Again

Posted by James Walker on January-11-2011 Add Comments

When will the Michigan Wolverines and Big Ten get it?  Les Miles already told you “no” once back in 2007, and he’s telling you again.  He likes it just fine down in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, thank you very much.

Why would he leave LSU and attempt to clean up that train wreck in Ann Arbor?  Seriously, the Michigan administration and fanbase are clearly lost in yesteryear, and Les Miles knows he has a great situation down on the Bayou.

Yes, Les Miles is a Michigan alumnus, but clearly he wants nothing to do with his alma mater.  He spoke to his brethren, the other “Michigan Men” so to speak, to be polite and hear what they had to say, but at the end of the day it was the same answer—no.

Miles has a great program at LSU.  He won a BCS national championship back in 2007.  He has top-flight athletes year in and out at LSU.  If he went to Michigan, then he would have to deal with the Rich Rodriguez mess that was left behind.  Michigan only gave Rich Rod three seasons before he was out; would they be as kind to Les Miles since he’s a “Michigan Man”?

It would take two to three seasons to get the Michigan program back on track.  Right now, the Wolverines have sophomore QB Denard Robinson, junior RB Michael Shaw, a few wide receivers in the cupboard and very little else.  Defensively, well, let’s not kick a program when it’s down already.

Les Miles was never going to leave, Michigan fans.  Your program mirrors very closely to your conference; it lives in the past and is well behind the SEC and arguably the Big 12 and Pac-10.  Until your athletic department, alumni group and fanbase realize that and address the issues that are plaguing your program, Michigan will remain a pothole for Ohio State to roll over once per year.

Besides, the grass is always greener and tastier in the South; just ask Les Miles.

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