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10 NCAA Basketball Players Who Are Unstoppable in 1-on-1 Situations

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In a sport featuring a bewildering variety of defenses, some NCAA basketball players specialize in reducing the game to its simplest form: one man with the ball and one man trying to stop him. When these top-tier scoring threats can face down a single defender without help, the results end up on highlight reels. One surprise addition to the upper echelons in 2013-14 was Kansas State’s Marcus Foster. Under the radar as a recruit, the 6’2” ...

Big 12 Football: Power Ranking 5 Teams with the Best Chance to Win Conference

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With the emergence of the new College Football Playoff, 2014-15 may provide the Big 12 its best chance to win a national championship since 2005, when Vince Young and the Texas Longhorns electrified the nation with a thrilling victory over USC.  Baylor stands the best chance to repeat at conference champs, and they were one fateful night in Stillwater, Oklahoma, away from going to the BCS National Championship.  Oklahoma as always will be dangerous, while Bill Snyder ...

Rules for Making Preseason NCAA Basketball Predictions

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Making college basketball predictions is an art, and there are a few key rules we all need to follow when engaging in this process. We make a heck of a lot of predictions here at Bleacher Report, but rarely do we actually go back and evaluate our skills in prognostication. Until now. In the days leading up to the 2013-14 season, we offered you a pair of pieces identified as expert predictions. The first was on All-Americans and the ...

Arkansas Football: Bielema’s 3 Biggest Challenges for Razorbacks in 2014

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Keep your sanity a little bit longer, because the start of the college football season is just three short months away. The Arkansas Razorbacks have an early start this year with their season opener at Auburn scheduled for August 30. There's still a lot of work the Razorbacks have to do to prepare for their opener against the national runner-up from last year. They don't just have to put in work for the Auburn game, either. As ...

Oklahoma State Football: Analyzing the Impact of Devon Thomas’ Arrest

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Earlier this week, the news came out that, on May 28, Oklahoma State running back Devon Thomas was arrested in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, after being accused with five different felonies related to an armed heist. If you want to get into the gritty details of the case, check the linked news article above; however, this article will stray away from what the young man allegedly did and focus on the potential impact this event could have on ...

Michigan State Football Team Hints at New All-White Uniforms

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The Michigan State Spartans have had some interesting jerseys over the past few seasons, and it now looks like there's a possibility they could have some new all-white uniforms.Chris Vannini from tweeted the picture of the mannequin above displaying the possible new uniforms. Spartan Nation posted pictures of the all-white jersey with the traditional helmet at the Duffy Daugherty Building on Facebook.[Facebook, Twitter, h/t College Spun]Read more College Football news on

Vince Young, Mack Brown and Matthew McConaughey Pose in Most Texas Picture Ever

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Three men symbolize the state of Texas: Vince Young, Mack Brown and Matthew McConaughey. The Texas Longhorns went 158-48 under Brown over his 15-year stretch as head coach of the football team, and Young led the Longhorns to the 2005 national championship. As for McConaughey, well, that notorious Texas drawl says it all. The three of them enjoyed dinner together Friday night and took this glorious group photo. Hook 'em? Fun dinner with VY and Matthew Mc. Two ...

NCAA Baseball Regional 2014: Top Matchups to Watch on Upcoming Schedule

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It's pretty rare that top seeds lose their opening games in the regionals at the NCAA tournament. Pretty rare, indeed. So the fact that we've already witnessed three No. 1 seeds lose at this year's tournament and face elimination is a pretty huge shocker. But that's baseball, folks, and part of what makes college baseball in particular so much fun. Now, these teams will be fighting for their postseason lives, and while it's added pressure for them, ...

College Baseball Regionals 2014: Day 1 Results, Highlights and Analysis

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Friday's opening day of the College Baseball World Series regionals is in the books, and the road to Omaha is one step closer to being paved for the nation's top teams. None of the 64 teams in the NCAA baseball tournament have yet been eliminated, as it's a double-elimination format. But with elimination games set for each region on Saturday, the field will soon be getting smaller and smaller.  All of the teams opened up play on ...

Michigan State Basketball: How Worried Should Spartans Be About Thin Frontcourt?

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Due to graduation and destiny calling in the form of an NBA career, Adreian Payne is no longer available to suit up for Michigan State.  The Spartans, who advanced to the 2014 Elite Eight, will certainly miss his three-point shooting, rebounding, scoring and, well, just about everything else. As East Lansing's lovable giant, the 6'9," 240-pound power forward made incredible leaps and bounds prior to taking a bow during his collegiate curtain call.  In all likelihood, he'll ...