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What If Carmelo Anthony Had Played One More Year for Syracuse Basketball?

Posted by Brandon Reiter on May 31 2012 Add Comments
Carmelo Anthony is perhaps the greatest player in Syracuse basketball history, and arguably one of the greatest freshman to play the game. He won Syracuse their one and only national championship before he went to the NBA. Little did we know, Carmelo's decision to leave Syracuse after one year would have an immense impact on NBA history. Welcome to the "Educated Melo Universe".To start things off, lets look at the 2003 draft: No.1 Lebron James ...

ACC Basketball Tweetable 2012-13 Previews

Posted by Doug Brodess on May 31 2012 Add Comments
In a world filled with texts and tweets, saying something significant in a few words is the standard. college basketball blogger Jeff Borzello posted a Big 12 Conference Catchup that included a "team commentary in 140 characters or less." Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I tip my hat to Jeff and offer 2012-13 ACC team-by-team previews that are 140 characters or less.Begin Slideshow

Anthony Davis Wants to Shut Down Kobe Bryant

Posted by Zachary James on May 31 2012 Add Comments
Anthony Davis has not played a single possession in the NBA, and the former University of Kentucky big man is already running his mouth.During this morning's edition of "The Dan Patrick Show," Davis called out Kobe saying this: "If I stop him, I could be one of the guys that say, 'I shut Kobe down.'"Whatever you say, Mr. Unibrow.Davis could become one of the fastest developing centers that the sport has ever seen. He accomplished ...

Marcus Jordan: People Overreacting to MJ’s Son’s Tweet at Porn Star Rachel Roxxx

Posted by Alex Kay on May 31 2012 Add Comments
Marcus Jordan—yes, legendary basketball player Michael’s son—is taking some flak for a hilarious tweet that he fired off at porn star Rachel Roxxx. According to Black Sports Online, the UCF Knights basketball player publicly posted a message to the adult actress on Wednesday, but it has since been removed and replaced with a tweet explaining that it was a prank.Regardless if the initial “accident” DM was a practical joke or not—the content was quite funny—we ...

North Carolina Basketball: Creating the Ultimate 12-Man Tar Heels Team

Posted by Rollin Yeatts on May 31 2012 Add Comments
With all the stars that have come out North Carolina, building the ultimate 12-man roster of former Tar Heels is a daunting task. And one that is sure to spark controversy among fans of UNC.Before questioning my selections, understand that I have put together a team that would mesh—and fill all needs on the floor. This is not about listing the top-12 Tar Heels ever.Because of that, there are quite a few snubs that I'm ...

College Basketball: Larry Brown and 10 New Coaches with Toughest Jobs Ahead

Posted by Thad Novak on May 31 2012 Add Comments
It’s never easy for a college basketball coach to take over a new program, but some situations are decidedly tougher than others. While any coach must contend with recruiting his style of players and (usually) learning the vagaries of a new conference, many of this year’s new hires also face the challenge of turning power-conference bottom-feeders into winners. An extreme example of that problem is the task ahead of legendary coach Larry Brown as he takes ...

College Basketball: Why Coaches Should Have to Sit out a Year Like Transfers

Posted by Liz Youngblood on May 31 2012 Add Comments
In recent years, college basketball players have begun to transfer schools with abandon.  Signing a letter of intent used to be one of the most important moments of a high school basketball player’s life.  Instead, it has turned into an initial commitment that does not necessarily require follow through. But what happens to coaches that do the same thing? College basketball coaches have begun to change teams just as often as the players.  The chief question ...

Shabazz Muhammad: 6 Reasons He Can Be a Better Freshman Than Anthony Davis

Posted by Maxwell Ogden on May 31 2012 Add Comments
In 2012, the NCAA was rocked by the presence of a 6'10" freshman with a 7'4" wingspan and a 4.7 block per game average. In 2013, the NCAA will prepare for a 6'6" freshman who is widely considered the next best player in the nation.Anthony Davis, meet Shabazz Muhammad.For just the second time in NCAA history, Davis became a freshman winner of the National Player of the Year award. In 2013, expect Muhammad to be ...

Potential New Matchups for Indiana Hoosiers to Replace Kentucky

Posted by Mariel Yohe on May 31 2012 Add Comments
Drama continues to ensue between the Indiana Hoosiers and the Kentucky Wildcats.  On Wednesday, the Bloomington Herald-Times released a letter from IU athletic director Fred Glass to Kentucky athletic director Mitch Barnhart, and reported that Indiana again tried to negotiate some sort of deal to continue the basketball series between the two schools.   However, the negotiation failed yet again.  It seems like there’s nothing more either side can do to reignite this tradition in the ...

NBA Draft 2012: 10 Biggest Shot-Blockers Available in the Draft

Posted by Ron Pasceri on May 30 2012 Add Comments
The NBA is down to its own Final Four, leaving most of the league to gear up for next year.  That makes it a good time to start looking at the incoming talent.Unfortunately for NBA fans, almost every team will enter next season with no real shot at winning a championship.  The quickest way to become a contender is to acquire a dominating big man.It's arguably the hardest thing in professional sports to find.  While ...