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BCS Championship Odds: Where Does Your Team Stand?

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The BCS Championship odds are changing with the end of spring practice and altering of depth charts. Just who do the oddsmakers like to win it all in 2011? Can Alabama repeat? Is Ohio State ready for prime time? What about Texas making a return trip? And Is Boise State really a legitimate contender in Vegas' eyes?Begin Slideshow

Epiphany: Why I Wrote About Auburn and Why I’ll Never Do It Again

Posted by Wayne Smith on April 30 2010 Add Comments
On April 25, 2010, I wrote a slide-show called "Tiger Down! Nine Teams That Can/Will Beat the Auburn Tigers in 2010."   And then I posted it on B/R's Auburn page.  What happened next was to be expected. But first let me explain why I did it.  It's not that I'm really an expert on Auburn football; I do, however, keep up with their program more than I do any other SEC school.  I guess I first ...

Observations From West Virginia’s Spring Game

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Tonight was the annual "Blue-Gold" game for the West Virginia Football team. It was the culmination of the Spring practice sessions that have taken place at Milan Puskar Staidum throughout April. For the first time ever, the game took place on Friday night and seemed to be a big success. In the glorified scrimmage, the Blue team handily defeated the Gold 38-0. The Blue team was comprised of the first unit offense and defense and the ...

Forcier or Robinson? Michigan Offense Set to Roll In 2010

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Michigan fans should have several reasons to be excited about the upcoming 2010 season. There is no doubt that Coach Rich Rodriguez and his staff have done an excellent job recruiting over the past two years. Even though many of these talented recruits are still very young, Michigan fans are eager to see them immediately contribute. On the defensive side of the ball, the Wolverines will certainly benefit from having the same coaching staff for the second year in a row. This defense, although very ...

Meyers Leonard: Stress Fracture Discovered in Foot

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Meyers Leonard went to Champaign on Tuesday evening to get his left foot examined. Last Saturday, he said he felt a very sharp pain in his foot, which he thought was a stress fracture. Leonard then went to get an MRI, which revealed a stress fracture in his Lisfranc joint. He will be wearing a walking boot 3-4 weeks as a precaution. It is still unknown exactly when Leonard will be able to return to the court again. According ...

Is Nick Saban Building an NFL Training Squad At Alabama?

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Larry Burton (Panama City Beach, Fla.) Many have thought it but it was publicly stated at Rolando McClain's press conference with the Oakland Raiders of the NFL. A reporter asked McClain, who just left Alabama for the NFL, "Since Nick Saban runs the closest thing to an NFL program at Alabama, did that prepare you better for the NFL?" That interview can be seen at: The pipeline is now open now that players with several ...

Christian LeMay Picks Georgia: Under-Dawgs Find Their Savior in Top 2011 QB

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As SEC teams go, Georgia is the one I empathize with most. Much like my Michigan Wolverines, the Bulldogs are an esteemed program with an accomplished, down-to-earth coach, facing a torrential offseason, a restless fan base, and a must-win year in an increasingly tough conference. Of course, saying Georgia or Michigan qualify as "underdogs" sounds inaccurate on the surface. Given the esteem of the brands in question, these teams should be succeeding, should be setting the stakes ...

The Science of Alabama’s Nick Saban

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Larry Burton (Panama City Beach, Fla.): The longer I am around Nick Saban, the more I learn about him. I guess that's true of anyone you know. But I am always surprised when I see a new layer of Saban peeled back. To understand Saban is like dealing with a mutating virus. Constantly changing, always working, always seeking to grow, and infectious to others. Of course, I mean all that in a good way. But to talk about Saban ...

Georgia Bulldogs Nab Christian LeMay for 2011 Class: More QBs on Tap

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Christian LeMay has made his decision and his leader will be…..(drum roll please)…..the Georgia Bulldogs. The anticipated decision of this sure-to-be-ranked top-five quarterback is another big get for the University of Georgia football program. Some disagreed with the way LeMay handled his announcement. After all, this isn’t a “commitment” but, rather, just a “leader.” However, as stated before in a previous article, LeMay’s choice of a “leader” is every bit as good as a ...

College Football Recruiting: Top 2011 QB Recruit Christian Lemay Selects Georgia

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Matthews, North Carolina quarterback Christian Lemay has announced that Georgia is his "leader," and Clemson and Texas A&M the two other finalists at his church in Charlotte, North Carolina. The recent dismissal of Zach Mettenberger and the transfer rumors surrounding Logan Gray only helped the Bulldogs in their pursuit of Lemay, Scout's second-highest rated quarterback in the 2011 class. Following those rumors, and some strong indications from Lemay's father, Stacy, the Dawgs came into this ceremony a ...