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UConn Basketball: The 10 Best Huskies of All Time

Posted by Tim Fontenault on July 31 2011 Add Comments
UConn basketball has taken off since the arrival of Jim Calhoun.Since Calhoun became coach in 1986, Connecticut has won three national championships and has without a doubt emerged as one of the top 10 basketball programs of all time. Many lists have them at No. 7 behind traditional powers Kentucky, North Carolina, Duke, UCLA, Indiana and Kansas.In the past couple decades, UConn has produced a large number of NBA players, many of whom have found ...

UConn 2011 Basketball: Drummond Announcement Next Week Sparks Speculation

Posted by Daniel Dinunzio on July 30 2011 Add Comments
There is a lot of talk out of the Andre Drummond camp that a big announcement will be made during the first week of August.  Everybody in the world is curious to see what many call the best big man since Greg Oden has planned for the upcoming school year.Is Drummond changing prep schools?Does he want to come out and pledge his allegiance to Coach Quinn and stay another post-grad year at St. Thomas Moore?Or ...

Notre Dame Football: The Irish Defense Will Dominate College Football

Posted by Dan Stockrahm on July 30 2011 Add Comments
Ask any Notre Dame fan, and they will tell you that by the end of the 2010 season, Notre Dame's defense kicked ass. Ask them why and you'll get a lot of mumbling about how they kicked ass. Ask them why they sucked at the start of the year and you'll get nothing. Don't bother asking what scheme they run (a 3-4) or heads will explode. The fact is, if you're Alabama and everyone on ...

Arkansas Razorbacks: Quarterback Tyler Wilson Can Have Monster Year

Posted by Jason H on July 30 2011 Add Comments
With the season fast approaching, it's Tyler Wilson's turn to run hog wild as the quarterback for the Arkansas Razorbacks, and he has Ryan Mallet-sized shoes to fill—and avoid. During Mallett's tenure at the University of Arkansas, the strong-armed quarterback accumulated nearly 7,500 yards, threw 60 touchdowns and was just the fourth player in SEC history to ever pass for 3,000 yards and 30 touchdowns in back-to-back seasons.Before declaring for the 2011 NFL Draft, Mallett ...

College Football 2011: Tennessee Volunteers and SEC Predictions

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The Tennessee football program has taken an absolute nosedive in the last three years. Between 1989 and 2007 Tennessee won at least eight games in 18 out of 19 years. In the three years since, the team has gone a combined 18-20. Everyone knew Derek Dooley was in for a long season in his first year at Tennessee in 2010. The Volunteers were actually a little more competitive than most thought, and the team definitely ...

Colorado Football: Returning "Special" to Special Teams Play in Boulder

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Originally published at: 2011 Colorado Preview - Special Teams Placekicker / Kickoff Personnel: Sophomore Justin Castor; sophomore Zach Grossnickle New to the Buffs this fall: Freshman Will Oliver Strengths: Resumes. Colorado kickers do have nice looking resumes ... at least from high school. Justin Castor, the front-runner to replace Aric Goodman as the Colorado kicker, was considered to be the No. 22 place-kicker in the nation from the recruiting Class of 2010.Caster was named ...

Georgia Football: 5 Reasons the Dawgs Defense Will Dominate in 2011

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During Mark Richt's early success at the University of Georgia, the Dawgs sported one of the most feared defenses in the country.During his recent struggles, however, Richt & Co. have lost some of their defensive intensity.  If Richt wants to keep his job, the Dawgs "D" will have to dial it up once again.Let's look at the five reasons the Dawgs' defense will rebound and dominate opponents in 2011.Begin Slideshow

Georgia Bulldogs Football: Orson Charles and the Dawgs’ Best Receiving Targets

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There’s no doubt that the losses of A.J. Green and Kris Durham will hurt the Dawgs. Aaron Murray is one of the most talented quarterbacks in the conference, but there are serious concerns about who will pick up the slack left by Green and Durham. Let’s take a look at the Dawgs’ five best receiving options for 2011.Begin Slideshow

College Basketball: Are One-and-Done Players a Necessary Evil?

Posted by Jim Folsom on July 30 2011 Add Comments
One-and-done. It's a new term that has caught on in college basketball. It's as prevalent as the pick-and-roll these days. One-and-done players are ones that go pro after their freshman season.What's wrong with that? Well, several things in my opinion are wrong with it.First, the bogus reasoning behind this rule that both the NBA and NCAA give lip service to. They say that the rule is to make sure that players coming out of high ...

USC Football: Fall Camp Is Critical to 2011 Season Success

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A long nine months have passed since USC beat UCLA on December 4, 2010, and the Trojans will begin Fall Camp on August 4 for 26 days. This Fall Camp is the most important in many years due to the absence of so many players during spring practice because of injuries or the 2011 large recruiting class that had not reported. The practice schedule has seven different practice times similar to game times starting at ...