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College Basketball Power Rankings: The 10 Most Beloved Coaches in the Country

Posted by Matt Coan on June 30 2011 Add Comments
College basketball is filled with all sorts of personalities and characters in the coaching ranks.Many schools rally behind their team's coach and use them as a symbol for their program.Many of those same coaches are beloved by the fans and players, but who are the most beloved coaches in the country?Here is a list of the most beloved coaches in the country. Begin Slideshow

College Basketball: An Early Look at Next Season’s All-American Teams

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With all of the returning talent coming back to college basketball next season, the races for Player of the Year and All-American honors should be as hotly contested as ever.  But you don't have to wait until next season to find out who will make the first and second team All-American squads...because I'm going to tell you who will make the teams right now.Obviously, there will be some easy selections for first team honors.  Without ...

2011 College World Series: Top Contenders for Most Outstanding Player of the CWS

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Often times, the team that wins the national championship is simply the team that boasts the best player from the nearly two weeks of competition in Omaha.A complete team effort is needed to come out victorious, but you almost always need that one transcendent player that will not let his team lose.Jason Windsor was that guy for Cal State Fullerton back in 2004. Same goes for Huston Street for Texas ...

Jereme Richmond’s Uncle Says He Is as Good as Harrison Barnes

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Jereme Richmond's uncle had a lot to say about the NBA after his nephew's name went uncalled in the recent NBA draft. "NBA executives have to be a fool not to consider him," said Crawford Richmond. "They have to be fools and they are fools, but what they're going to do is they're going to get him for cheap."He's going to play in the NBA." It is understandably upsetting when someone who had lots of potential ...

College Basketball: 20 Impact JUCO Transfers for the 2011-2012 Season

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Often, a college basketball team is composed of diverse pieces. There are the one-and-done "blue chip" recruits, the blue-collar guy who develops into a solid player over four years, an occasional walk-on, maybe a fifth-year senior or two and of course, the junior college player. The success rate of the junior college player is a mixed bag, but every season there are at least around 20 or so who really stand out and have a positive impact at the Division I level. Below are 20 ...

North Carolina: Harrison Barnes and the 14 Best Big Men in Tar Heels History

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The University of North Carolina has one of the most storied programs in history, so being thought of as one of the best big men in school history is quite a feat.The Tar Heels have had all kinds of different big men come through Chapel Hill throughout their successful years.From Antawn Jamison's high-flying ability to Tyler Hansbrough's, um, low-flying ability.From the outside-oriented game of Sam Perkins to the inside-oriented game of Sean May.From the outside ...

College Basketball: Power Ranking the 21 Most Knowledgeable Fan Bases

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John Calipari, Mike Krzyzewski, Roy Williams and Bill Self do not make college basketball exciting; it is the fans that do that. The love and the passion fans exhibit towards their schools' basketball teams are what make college sports so great. Yes, sometimes they can become meddlesome and offer players illegal gifts in order to get closer to the team, but that enthusiasm allows college basketball to be as exciting as it is. Which school ...

Kentucky Basketball: 10 Greatest Rebounders in Kentucky History

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With a history nearly unmatched in all of college basketball, it's always fun to look back on the history of Kentucky basketball and try to come up with list about who is the best at anything in the program's history.  There is never a shortage of choices, and as with every sports argument sometimes the numbers just don't tell the whole story.Was Dan Issel the best scorer in Kentucky history or was Jamal Mashburn?  By ...

College Basketball: Austin Rivers and the Top 25 Incoming Freshman of 2011-12

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The 2010-11 college basketball season gave us a lot of talented freshmen, and the 2011-12 season will too. Austin Rivers is the prized recruit for the Duke Blue Devils, but is he the top recruit? These 25 recruits are the best of the best, and they will dazzle us in the upcoming college basketball season.Freshmen used to be players who did not play a big role for teams, but they ...

North Carolina Basketball: James McAdoo Continues a Legacy

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In 1972 Robert McAdoo spent one glorious year at Chapel Hill. The 6’9” forward enrolled two years previously at Vincennes Junior College but then transferred to his original college choice, North Carolina, after he qualified academically. The Greensboro N.C native led UNC to the Final Four, averaging 19.5 points, 10.1 rebounds and earning All-America honors. McAdoo scored 24 points and grabbed 15 rebounds in an upset loss to Florida State. Back then the losing teams of ...